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Emergency Contact Info:

We are responsible for your child’s well being while attending school. Therefore, please be sure the school has current and accurate information:

• Provide emergency numbers of parents and at least one other relative or friend whom we can call if your child becomes sick during the school day.
• Inform the school nurse if your child has any allergies, chronic illness, or if he or she takes any medicine.
• Complete an Emergency Form, which will be sent home and return it to your child’s teacher. Let us know immediately if any of the listed information changes.

Collection and Security:

Our premises are safe and secure, both inside and out, and entrance is only permitted to persons authorized by a member of staff. At registration, parents will be asked to inform us who will be collecting their child from Kindergarten and will be provided with ID cards. If there will be a change in the authorized person(s) then please let us know in advance, as we won’t release a child to anyone without the parents’ prior consent.

A caring faculty and staff strive to meet the needs of our children creating a secure, learning environment. Communication is outstanding and the facility is top notch.

Ms. Bindu

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