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1. The ambiance and the quality of education will be matching with the best quality standards.
2. Well ventilated class rooms.
3. Educational equipment and teaching aids matching with the student's physical and intellectual growth.
4. School buses to provide comfortable conveyance.
5. Well qualified and trained staff members.
6. Well trained professional teachers.
7. Round the clock security.
8. Multimedia Room for presentations,conferences and seminars.
9. Attractive library with enough materials for reference and information required.
10. Play area and arrangements for all sports activities.
11. Talented teachers for Fine arts activities.
12. Clean campus with an Eco-friendly approach.
13. Minimum four languages are offered-English,Malayalam,Hindi and Arabic.
14. Educationists in the leadership role of administration.

A caring faculty and staff strive to meet the needs of our children creating a secure, learning environment. Communication is outstanding and the facility is top notch.

Ms. Bindu

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