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Faculty and staff

When you are at Crescent, you enter into an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies are dedicated to helping children become their best. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence. Every 15 students in the school is provided with a teacher who acts as a local guardian, taking care of the all-round development of each child in the group through periodical meetings and discussions with them and their parents.

Principal Mrs. Siji P Musthapha, M Sc, B Ed
Academic Advisors Mrs. Lalitha Prasad, Mrs. Annie Cherical, Mrs. Sandhya Menon
K.G. Head Mistress Mrs. Tenny Dcruz - NTTC
Administrator Mr. Sunil Kumar P.
Controller of Examination Mrs. Subaida K H - MA, B.Ed
SL NO Name Department Qualification
1 Mrs. Lakshmy English MA,M Phil
2 Mrs. Sabna P H English MA, B Ed
3 Mrs. Suchithra Balakrishnan English BA, B Ed
4 Mrs. Ambili.S English BA, B Ed
5 Mrs. Fathima Shahanaz English BA, B Ed
6 Mrs. Fousiya Beevi English BA, B Ed
7 Mrs. Renu C S Hindi MA, B Ed
8 Mrs. Sabeena Hameed Hindi MA, B Ed
9 Mrs. Sajimol Pareed Hindi MA, B Ed
10 Mrs. Noorjahan P. M. Hindi MA, B Ed
11 Mrs. Nisha Mohan T Malayalam MA, B Ed
12 Mrs. Subaida K H Malayalam MA, B Ed
13 Mrs. Minimol. S Malayalam MA, B Ed
14 Mrs. Neeraja C. R. Malayalam MA, B Ed
15 Mrs. Smitha K. Thankappan Malayalam BA, B Ed
16 Mrs. Rahmath Beevi A. S. Arabic MA, B Ed
17 Mrs. Abida T A Arabic Afsal AL Ulama
18 Mrs. Rumaisa C.M Arabic AIC
19 Mr. Hasib K M Arabic Baqavi Quaran
20 Mrs. Siji P Musthafa Mathematics M Sc, B Ed
21 Mrs. Bindhu K A Mathematics M Sc, B Edl
22 Mrs. Sanu P Sunny Mathematics M Sc, B Ed
23 Mrs. Neethu Narayanan Mathematics B Sc, MA, B Ed
24 Mrs. Sameena K B Mathematics M Sc, B Ed
25 Mrs. Reshmi P Mathematics M Sc, B Ed
26 Miss. Neethu Mohanan Mathematics M Sc, B Ed
27 Mrs. Rajitha Vayoth General Science M Sc, B Ed
28 Mrs. Mridula T J General Science M Sc, B Ed
29 Mrs. Salmiya T K General Science M Sc, B Ed
30 Mr. Hakkim Al Ferose P A General Science M Sc, B Ed
31 Mrs. Jeswin Shahul R S General Science B Tech
32 Miss. Amrutha Sreekumar General Science M Sc, B Ed
33 Mrs. Raseena A L General Science B Tech
34 Mrs. Daisy Social Science MA, B Ed
35 Mrs. Usha T V Social Science MA, B Ed
36 Mrs. Sreekala P S Social Science MA, B Ed
37 Mrs. Daniya Thomas Social Science MA, B Ed
38 Mrs. Shahana P H Computer Science M Tech
39 Miss. Anupriya P Computer Science MCA
40 Mrs. Riya George K Computer Science MCA
41 Mrs. Sreeja Menon Commerce M Com, B Ed
42 Miss. Merlin C. D. Economics MA, B Ed
43 Mr. Niyad Alangadan Physical Education M PED
44 Mrs. Jifna Khalid Library Science M Lisc
45 Miss. Wafa Mohammad Babu Fashion Designing B Sc, AFD
46 Mrs. Chithira R Art and Craft BA Arts
47 Mrs. Neethu Jaison Counselor MA, Clinical Psychology
48 Mrs. Jephsy Joseph Assistant Teacher B Sc, D Ed
49 Mrs. Namitha P A Assistant Teacher BA, B Ed
50 Mrs. Tenny Dcruz Kindergarten NTTC
51 Mrs. Sindhu Dasan Kindergarten BA, NTTC
52 Mrs. Sheeba Nixon Kindergarten NTTC
53 Mrs. Beena James Kindergarten NTTC
54 Mrs. Ajitha Babu Kindergarten BA, NTTC
55 Mrs. Simina Basheer Play Class NTTC
Administrative Staff
SL NO Position Name
1 Administrator Mr. Sunil Kumar P.
2 Executive Assistant Mrs. Sonia Sebastian
3 Sr. Accountant Mrs. Faseela Ameer
4 Store Keeper Mrs. Binitha K. Ummer
5 Office Assistant Mrs. Sreelakshmi Rejith
6 Office Assistant Ms. Mufeeda Ameer
7 Office Assistant Ms. Mary Nia Robi
8 Receptionist Mrs. Rabiba Nazar
9 Casher Mrs. Sreedevi T.C
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