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Our Young Pre classroom is for ages 2+. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence, and developing their social skills through play.

Growth and development

Our academic programs are based on the developmental needs of each age level. For that reason our academic programs for 3 - 5 year old children are designed as half-day programs. We strive to provide a broad and balanced programme of activities and experiences appropriate to the age and development of all children attending Kindergarten thus enabling them to maximize their full potential. The child friendly, colorful atmosphere is indeed a palette of imagination, creativity, observation, trust, communication and above all, the feeling of being in a fairyland.

Games & Activities

Games are a central part of young children’s learning. Through games, children explore ideas, feelings and relationships. They can take risks, make mistakes and try things out without fear of failure. Games can push out the limits of what is possible and help children to be creative, flexible and imaginative. High quality activities promote confidence and well-being.

After School

Crescent provides exactly this – an environment where your child can be his/her own person, feels at home, is safe and secure and has enough avenues to explore. We have well trained teachers who provide a structure for your child to work in and are children with them to spur their curiosity. Your child is safe with us until you are back to collect him/her.

Contact Info

We are responsible for your child’s well being while attending school. Therefore, please be sure the school has current and accurate information: • Provide emergency numbers of parents and at least one other relative or friend whom we can call if your child becomes sick during the school day. • Inform the school nurse if your child has any allergies, chronic illness, or if he or she takes any medicine. • Complete an Emergency Form, which will be sent, home and return it to your child’s teacher. Let us know immediately if any of the information listed changes.

Collection and

Our premises are safe and secure, both inside and out, and admittance is only permitted to persons authorized by a member of staff. At registration, parents will be asked to inform us who will be collecting their child from Kindergarten and will be provided with ID cards. If there will be a change in the authorized person(s) then please let us know in advance, as we won’t release a child to anyone without the parents’ prior consent.

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