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School life

We take our children outside the campus for field trips and study tours every year. It gives them lots of practical knowledge and they will be exposed to the various applications of what they have learnt in the classroom. We also encourage our children to do community services. They collect old clothes and visit orphanages and old-age homes. They donate money collected and also some useful materials which they make as part of their fine arts activities.

Sports activities also are given equal importance.We have Facility for Table tennis,Badminton,Basket ball ,foot ball, cricket etc. We conduct house - wise cricket matches, football and basket ball tournaments to encourage our children to have a healthy competitive attitude and real sportsmanship. Annual sports day is celebrated in a colourful manner.

Everything to meet the needs of the children and parents is available under one roof in Crescent Public School. Our aim is to create wonderful human beings with a strong faith in Divinity,compassion and social consciousness. Our children should be happy and comfortable in our campus. Our lives are dedicated for that purpose.


• Art, Craft, Cooking & Fashion Designing classes
• Classical / Western Vocal, Musical Instruments, Yoga & Martial Arts, Classical & Folk Dance training


Children can choose from the sport of their interest and attend the coaching without fail


COSA was formed with the aim of bringing together the same laughter and love of Crescentians,to the playground where they set their turning point.COSA was started in the year 1998.The members of COSA are vibrant and have been a real support to the school.

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